Kai Prince is a freelance web developer with a focus on accessibility.

Fun fact:
Semantic headings allow screenreaders to jump between sections of the page, but also allow search engines to index a page more effectively!

Hi, I'm Kai and I help community-focused businesses make their web experience easier and more accessible.

I provide web development services to Not-For-Profit organizations, government, and community organizations, to help meet the needs of their consumers in an accessible manner, with modern design and accessibility standards.

My passion for accessible design began when I first watched a YouTube video on a crowded bus, and realized that subtitles weren't just for the hard of hearing.

Accessibility is good design. An accessible website shows up higher in search results, and demonstrates your values to your consumers.

My Services

Why Accessibility?

Accessibility gives you superpowers . When you design a product to be used by people with various impairments, you will find that the product is easier to use for everyone.

Now everyone will need to see less, listen less, click less, and think less. This benefits multitaskers, people in a hurry, search engine optimization, and reading devices.

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2 years of experience in web development.

Software Engineering Technology, Conestoga College






React Native

ASP.Net Core

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Here’s what I can do for you.

Meet the needs of your users and increase the quality of your website with built-in accessibility from the very start.

Make Something New

I can build you a new website.

Make Something Better

I can upgrade your current website.

Check Accessibility

I can audit the accessibility of your current website.

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Kai was professional and quick to work. He understood my changes and executed them quickly. I definitely would recommend Kai for all your website needs. He knows what he's doing!
  • Communication: 5
  • Competence: 5
  • Ability to understand your needs: 5
  • Quality of work: 5
  • Delivery time: 5
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